Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to open the end of the story about one-armed Wolf

image6 15 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - How to open the end of the story about one-armed Wolf

The ending described can be reached the fastest. Also, the final boss is easier to overcome. So if you want to see the end of the one-armed Shinobima story as soon as possible, this is the best way to achieve it.

When choosing this ending, you must take into account the fact that you will not reach the last big location in the game – Source Palace. In addition, the ending of the story for all the main characters ends in failure.

Below are the most important tips to help you through to the final.

The first and most important decision you must make after returning to Ashina Castle is to choose the appropriate dialogue question during the meeting with the Owl on the roof of the castle.

While talking to him, choose “Give up Kuro” twice. As a result of this decision, you will fight the boss Emma (battle description below), and shortly after that – without rest – another fight will begin – this time with the boss: Isshin Ashina (battle description below).

After defeating the boss fights, a film will be launched, crowning the story of the Wolf.

After watching the movie, you will see the end credits. After them, you will return to the abandoned temple. You can continue your journey through the world of Sekiro or start Game #2 or New Game Mode Plus.

Boss: Emma (Phase 1)

You have to take into account the fact that after this carnage ends, another encounter with the next boss will begin. So don’t waste healing items. Try to use them as little as possible so that you can use them in your next duel.

The boss only has one circle of life.

Emma is a dangerous opponent, but will be aggressive. Focus on offense to constantly improve her posture level. You can solve this fight quickly by breaking your opponent’s posture. This boss is very sensitive to your attacks and pairs. Therefore, the right combination of bouncing punches and attacking punches will bring the best results.

Emma is very fast. After a second, she may jump towards you and make a series of cuts, so be ready to parry her blows. If you want to heal, get as far away from her as possible, it’s best to retreat to the corner of the arena and then only use the gourd or pellet.

When you see a red sign informing about the enemy’s special attack, jump. When falling, perform a series of blows.


From time to time, the boss performs two very dangerous and fast cuts (one from right to left and the other from top to bottom). The boss signals this attack by holding the hilt of the sword for a moment, then there is a flash, steps forward and cuts. When you see him getting ready for this attack, step back or jump over the boss to get behind him. Then you have a chance to deal damage.

When Emma raises her sword and assumes a characteristic pose (pictured below), after a while, a series of four attacks begins. Block each one. After them, your opponent will throw you aside. Turn around quickly and hit the boss.

Attack your opponent all the time to gradually increase his posture level. By fighting wisely, you can break the enemy’s posture very quickly, and you will rarely – if ever – use healing objects.


Boss: Isshin Ashina (2nd and 3rd stage)

Phase II

Isshin performs various attacks. Moreover, after completing them, you have the opportunity to make a counterattack, because the boss is waiting. This is a great opportunity to land one or two, and sometimes even three hits.

When the boss raises his sword, he delivers two hits one after the other. Then dodge to the side to be in a safe place and deal damage to the enemy.

Do the same with the push with a red mark: dodge to the side to get behind the enemy.

The boss performs another attack with a red mark. These are two wide cuts preceded by the previously mentioned red symbol. Do a double dodge (one after the other), surrounding the enemy so they can’t deal damage. When it’s over, make your attack.

Constantly attack the enemy to gradually affect the enemy’s posture level and eventually break it.

Try to stay as close to the boss as possible to be able to hit him, but when your level rises dangerously, retreat and rest.


Phase III

The third stage of the struggle is the most difficult. The boss gets new, powerful attacks that must be learned to avoid them.

Focus on gradually depleting the boss’s life level until you kill him. Breaking the position of the opponents is difficult, because you need to focus more on defense.

The most difficult to defend is an attack consisting of several stages. The enemy prepares it for a long time. First you will see flames on the floor, and then the boss will jump up to you, make a series of cuts and repeat the attack again. Even if you fail to defend yourself from the first hit, quickly jump to the side so that the next attacks will miss you.

Another very characteristic attack is a top-to-bottom blow followed by a cut that causes flames. When you see Isshin raise his sword, dodge to get behind him. He will carry out his fire attack and during this time will go after him and inflict damage on him.


Other attacks of the boss are similar to those described in the second stage.

You can use Shinobi Fireworks to stop the boss from attacking. Then you will have the opportunity to make a “clean” attack.

Be patient. Focus on defense and attack when the opportunity arises. The boss, oddly enough, is very sensitive to injuries, so the gradual decrease in health is not such a big problem.

By defeating Isshin Ashina, you will receive Memory: Isshin Ashina and the ability: One Mind, as well as watch the movie that will end the main storyline.


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