Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: Skill Books – How to Find Esoteric Texts

By purchasing esoteric texts, the main character will be able to learn new skills. Each item of this type is a separate skill line. Therefore, in order to access all shinobi talents, you need to find all the books.

Below you can find the name of the esoteric text and its location in the game world. You will receive several texts from independent characters.

Esoteric shinobi text

You will receive this book from the carver during the main storyline. Visit it when you get at least one skill point.

Esoteric prosthesis text

You will also receive this book from the carver, but only when you get three prosthetics. Then talk to this character and he will give you an esoteric prosthesis text.

Ashina Esoteric Text

You will receive this book from the Tengu at the castle gate keep for helping you kill your enemies.

Esoteric text Senpu

You will receive this book at Senpou Temple on Mount Kongo. Before the main hall, enter the cave, at the end there is a pagoda in which you will find a text.

Mushin Esoteric Text

You will receive this book again from Tengu. To get it, you must first complete the first quest for that character (described above).

You will meet the Ashina Tengu again at the figurine. Chapel of the Great Serpent behind the castle in Ashina. Talk to him.

To get a text from him, you have to prove your worth. To do this, you need to achieve a martial arts championship. To do this, get the highest ability level of one of the schools. When you buy the last talent in one of the art trees (shinobi, prosthetics, ashina, shrine) with skill points, talk to Tengu and he will give you the Mushin Esoteric Text.


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