Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice : tools and prosthetic upgrade

Places where there are tools and improvements for the prosthesis.

On this page, we have posted information about where the prosthetic tools are and how to improve them.

During the game, we find many items that help us to better use the prostheses during the fight, so it’s worth looking for them.

To mount a new tool or upgrade the ones we already have, go to the sculptor located in the Ruined Temple location.

Built-in Shuriken

The object, thanks to which the sculptor will mount the shuriken, is located a few meters behind the sculptor’s figurine: Castle wall – the path to the gate.

There is a passage above the gate, and in it, next to the corpse, there is a Shuriken.

firecracker shinobi

You will buy Robert’s firecrackers in the Ashina Dungeon. The merchant’s tent is located between the statuette of the sculptor Dungeon – the path to the gate and the wall of the Castle – the stairs.

Thanks to Pet Robert, you will receive a prosthetic tool: the Shinobi Firecracker.

fire nozzle

You can find the barrel of fire in the location: Path to the homestead, in the Hirata family estate.

In the fire, you will find a hand tool for prosthetics: Fire nozzle.

built-in ax

You can find the Shinobi Monkey’s Ax at Homestead Path, in the Hirata family’s territory.

Thanks to Topor Shinobi Monkeys, you will get a tool for prosthetic hands: a built-in axe.

The discovery of Sabimaru’s sword is related to solving the Sabimaru riddle, which you can buy from the Merchant in Fujioka.


The item needed to install the new prosthetic tool can be bought from the Black Hat Badger, who is hiding in the location: Old Grave, next to the castle in Ashina.

You can find this character in the building (we marked him with an arrow in the picture above) in the lower part of the location, which is guarded by several enemies, near the destroyed bridge.

The black badger hat will move to the Senpou Temple after a while, and then you will not be able to buy an important item from him. If you didn’t manage to buy the item in time, return to this place when the castle in Ashina is attacked by invaders. In the same building you will find an object.

Built-in spear

You will find the spear in the location: Reservoir in Ashina, next to the castle in Ashina.

To find this item, you must first obtain the key to the guardhouse, where one of the guards is located on the bridge leading to the abandoned dungeon. We have marked the sentry with a yellow arrow in the picture.

When you get the key, open the door to the building (we’ve marked it with a yellow arrow in the screenshot above), which is nearby, in the same place, in front of the Moon Tower.

Divine Abduction

A large fan lies in front of the Buddha statue in the Fortress, in a flooded valley (we marked it with an arrow in the image below). Access to this room is protected by a boss: Long-Armed Centipede Giraffe.

Winking Finger

Winking Finger you will win by defeating the boss: Monkey Keeper in Sunken Valley.

Enhancement for: Winking Finger (Item: Tiny Ring)

Ring of Mistrust – thanks to which you will improve the Winking Finger by creating a prosthesis: Malcontent – you will receive after killing the boss: Warrior Shikhimena in the location: Lair of the Monkey Guard, in Ashina. This enemy will only appear in this location when:

  • You will kill the boss: Monkey Guardian in Sunken Valley.
  • You will kill the boss: Monkey Guardian, who will appear in Ashina, in the cave behind the location: Poison Spill.

Upgrade for: Flame Nozzle (Item: Luminous Resin)

Luminous Resin – thanks to which you will improve the fire nozzle by creating a prosthetic tool: fire nozzle – you will find it at: Mibu Village, in Ashina. This object is located on the other side of the lake, on the roof of a ruined house.

Upgrades for: Shuriken (Item: Ghost Kunai)

Item: Ghost Kunai – thanks to which you will improve the shuriken by creating a prosthetic tool: Ghost Kunai – you buy from Anaima’s merchant, who is standing in front of the sculptor’s statue: Castle wall – stairs, in Ashina.


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