Serious Sam 4: Secrets and Easter Eggs

picture 9 6 Serious Sam 4: Secrets and Easter Eggs

If you feel like there are too few bosses in Serous Sam 4, it’s time to find and kill every secret boss in the game. We will tell you where to look for them, and what to do to make them appear.

The brainchild of Croteam Serious Sam 4 does not present itself as a serious thoughtful story game with philosophical overtones. On the contrary: this is a dynamic “meat” shooter, and only Sam Stone has a serious attitude here – a tough guy, in whose role the player is offered to get used to. Breaking through hordes of enemies and leaving behind mountains of corpses, Sam and his friends must defeat the Mental horde and save the world.

There are many different secrets in the game: these are gadgets, and hidden power-ups, and even several secret bosses. It is not necessary to fight them, but how can you deny yourself the pleasure of demonstrating to another villain who is the coolest here? If we are to destroy evil, then to the end, so go ahead, and let not a single boss, even a secret one, hide from the unstoppable Sam!

Secret bosses in Serious Sam 4

There are currently 4 secret bosses found in Serious Sam 4. Some can be stumbled upon by chance, just by exploring the map, the appearance of others requires the performance of certain actions. Follow our recommendations, and then you will definitely not miss them.

king of cows

After crossing the bridge in the chapter “Death from Above” you can stumble upon an arch blocked by a grate. On the grate hangs a warning sign with a picture of a cow and an inscription forbidding visitors to the territory of a secret project. If you shoot at it, the message “The King of Cows is offended by your disrespect!” will appear, and with it the secret boss.

Big man Piron

Big man Piron

The big Piron is in the place where you first fight the Reptiloid. To find it, turn to the exit and go left and down. Go into the arches behind the pedestal and destroy the enemies until they stop appearing. After that, an explosion will be heard and Pyron will appear, and with it the corresponding message. Try not to die from his missiles!

Count Dracula

Count Dracula

Dracula can be found in the graveyard, after the place where you pick up the Flare Gun and kill a bunch of skeletons from Clear. Look for an open coffin, it will contain the body of a vampire, and next to it are three more skeletons. Then it remains only to disturb the boss with the interaction button, after which you will see the inscription “Count Dracula has awakened!”, And Dracula himself will begin to attack you.

Lava Golem

Lava Golem

The Lava Golem lives in the Hell Gates level. In the corner next to the armor and the rage serum, find a small lava golem (it is really very small), then shoot it, and then its big brother will appear behind you in the lava channel, clearly burning with the desire to take revenge.

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