Serious Sam in isometry – The release of the “bagel” Serious Sam: Tormental took place

Publisher Devolver Digital has announced the release of a new game in the Serious Sam universe called Serious Sam: Tormental, which was previously in Early Access. This is an isometric roguelike created by Gungrounds studio in collaboration with Croteam, the developers of the main parts of the series.

Serious Sam: Tormental is on sale on PC via Steam for 289 rubles, but until April 15 there is a 25% discount, thanks to which you can purchase it for 216 rubles. Console versions have not yet been announced.

Together with the release, the developers released a major update v1.0 Fortress Update, which added a large amount of content, including a new zone with new enemies, 450 new layers for level generation, 4 weapon perks, 12 abilities, 13 quests, 16 weapons, 6 musical tracks and more.

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