Several gameplay trailers for Age of Empires IV from the last presentation

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Relic Entertainment held a major Fan Preview, during which they showed several videos dedicated to Age of Empires IV – the new part of the legendary RTS series. The developers showed off the gameplay and several civilizations, as well as paid a little attention to the rest of the games in the franchise.

Below you can see the full recording of the presentation and all the videos presented separately.

The entire presentation with Russian voice acting

The broadcast took place in several languages ​​of the world, including Russian. You can watch the full recording in the following video.

Gameplay trailer for Age of Empires IV

Almost 6 minutes of Age of Empires IV gameplay with building and battles. The video is accompanied by comments from the developers.

Delhi Sultanate

A first look at the civilization of the Sultanate of Delhi, one of the many unique civilizations in Age of Empires IV.

Teaser of naval battles

Small teaser of marine content. Unfortunately, the battles themselves are not shown.

Norman campaign

The Norman Campaign is one of four campaigns available in Age of Empires IV. William of Normandy embarks on the difficult path of conquering England and seizing her throne. What follows is an epic story of invasion, anarchy, rebellion and family conflict.


A first look at Chinese civilization, one of the many unique civilizations in Age of Empires IV. Chinese civilization is huge and tenacious, with the potential for great growth and development throughout the game. By focusing on empire expansion, they are able to create huge armies with their explosive power.

Behind the scenes with Relic Entertainment

Take a look behind the scenes with Relic Entertainment to learn more about the creation of Age of Empires IV.

Update for Age of Empires: Definitive Collection

Details on upcoming updates for Age of Empires II Definitive Edition and Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, which include new expansions, new civilizations, and new game modes.

Community celebration

A video about how the community supports the development of Age of Empires and how the development of Age of Empires IV proceeds with the interests of the players.

Virtual settlement

Zack “ZeroEmpires” Robinson introduces the Age of Empires virtual settlement, where you can learn more about the franchise. You can visit it at this link.

The release of Age of Empires IV will take place in the fall of 2021 on PC on Steam and Microsoft Store. The game will be included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription from the day it was released.

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