Sex toys entered the cyber threat trends of 2021.

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Cybersecurity company ESET has published a report on cybersecurity trends 2021. And in addition to the already quite understandable and familiar threats like ransomware, experts paid special attention to data leakage threat through digital sex toys.

Sex toys entered the cyber threat trends of 2021.  Not only control interception is possible, but also access to photos and videos

It is noted that the proliferation of “smart” gadgets for intimate pleasures against the background of self-isolation, and the imperfection of the security architecture of such devices, fueled the interest of cybercriminals.

New models of sex devices are constantly appearing on the market. However, studies carried out by cyber experts have shown that these devices have many security flaws that threaten users’ data privacy. In particular, the vulnerabilities discovered during the experiments made it possible to intercept information and remotely control devices and gain access to photos, videos and other personal data of owners of digital sex toys.

According to experts, the problem will soon become widespread because sales of intimate toys are growing rapidly against the background of social distancing due to the pandemic.

Cybercriminals most often use the attack method of an application that controls certain functions of sex gadgets. Having found a vulnerability via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), an attacker can intercept local communication between a control application and a device, between an application and a data cloud, or between a remote smartphone and the cloud.

In general, ESET predicts an increase in ransomware activity and attacks using fileless software in 2021.

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