Shadows: Cradle Island – a dark side-scroller for Android with three endings and an open world

There was a helicopter crash and you are thrown out near a village. This is how Shadows: Cradle Island begins. This is a side-scrolling game with a gloomy setting: it’s dark everywhere, houses are destroyed, sometimes there is blood. Touch control, the interface looks minimalistic. At the same time, sometimes there are inserts like comics.

One of the advantages is the non-linear storyline that can be played in any order. There are also three endings, they depend on whether you stay to explore the island or run away as soon as possible. The developers say the game will test your short-term memory. Plus, you need to be creative about the question: “Where will this item fit?” The cherry on the cake is a change of day and night.

Shadows: Cradle Island is already available on Android, but in Russia it can only be downloaded via TapTap; the game cannot be loaded on Google Play at the time of writing. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions up to 179 rubles per item

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