Sheltered 2 is a nondescript post-apocalypse survival simulator, Team 17 will release the game on PC

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Remember Sheltered? Team 17 is working on the second part. Humanity is divided into factions that are trying to survive in a world with limited resources. The developers promise new challenges and strategic depth. We need to select a leader and manage materials and people—dangers: hunger, thirst, and radiation. To find new resources and establish relationships with others, you need to send expeditions. Players can trade or declare war.

Each survivor has his own character, his own motives. This applies to the abilities that we are gradually unlocking. We will make the characters unique, but it is not clear how this will affect the gameplay. To move faster through the wastelands, you need to find and repair vehicles. This includes motorcycles and pickups. The trailer does not add color: the game looks like it was made on the knee and in Unity. The question arises – when will Sheltered 2 appear on mobile phones?

Sheltered 2 will be released on PC—no release date. There will be Russian localization. The game can now be added to the wishlist.

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