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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments – General Tips

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The ledger replaces Holmes’ equipment. It consists of the following tabs: Tasks, Map, Evidence, Documents, Dialogues, Chronicles, Trophies, Echoes and Character Portraits. Whenever there is something new on a given tab, an icon appears on the screen and an exclamation mark is displayed next to the tab. They are convenient to look through, primarily the Tasks tab, Documents and Evidence, as they facilitate the conclusion and determine what the next step should be.

Proof of

Some of the evidence has a special icon that informs the player what can be done with it – ask someone about it, analyze it, find additional information in the archive, or do something else.

magnifying glass icon

When a given object has been fully explored, the icon turns green. If it is white, it means that the item can be further researched. Sometimes there is information that the object will be useful in the near future.


After examining this object in close-up mode, the normal view should be turned on automatically. If this does not happen, it means that some element that should have been examined was skipped.

Managing and Manipulating Objects

Hotkey assignments can be made by pressing the F1 key (PC) or both analog sticks at the same time (console). An important change is that you no longer have to “pull” items out of your equipment. If you have an item that can be used on any object or place, the action will automatically appear on the screen.

Puzzles and mini-games

Leaving close-up mode while solving a puzzle serves as a reset button – it sets the default state. This is useful when you feel like you are at a dead end and need to start over or use the solution from the game guide. You can also skip these mini-events without any consequences for the gameplay, except that you did not receive an achievement for completing them.

Talent and imagination of Holmes

New skills that allow Sherlock to see things that a normal person would miss. Use them every time the corresponding icon appears on the screen.


Sherlock very often moves from one place to another, which you choose on the map in your medical history. During these journeys, you can view the “Book of Cases” “Deduction Space” so that you can make connections between clues or draw conclusions, name the culprit, view evidence and documents while waiting.


It’s good to make connections immediately without having to wait until you’ve collected a lot of clues and you’ll have a hard time doing it with your head or tail. Every time Sherlock makes a new withdrawal, a deduction icon appears.

Alternative endings

Some conclusions drawn in the space of deduction are mutually exclusive. This means that you may end up on the wrong path and name the wrong culprit. If finding the right perpetrator is important to you, you may want to check if your investigation was successful before making your final decision. You can also check if you have collected all the necessary evidence.

moral choice

Each case has only one correct decision, but the choice to convict or release the culprit is up to the player. Attention! By being consistent in making these decisions, you will get the achievement.


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