Shock Tactics download torrent For PC

Shock Tactics download torrent

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A sci-fi strategy with elements of turn-based control and strategy was released not so long ago for the PC, and today you can download the shock tactics torrent without any problems. Previously, the game was available only by pre-order: several tens of thousands of players tried its alpha and demo versions. The developers were inspired by a large number of sci-fi films, series and novels. In terms of game mechanics, a lot is taken from classic turn-based strategies with a preliminary choice of tactics.

Space battles

The scenario of the main campaign looks like a real classic: deep space, somewhere a planet suitable for life was discovered, which then became the center of conflict between several galactic civilizations. Anyone can enjoy high-quality star wars today. Meet the sides of the confrontation: the Free Space Pioneers and the Imperial Consortium. Many want to become full-fledged conquerors and owners of this relatively distant world.

Players can influence not only the outcome of the entire confrontation, but also some smaller moments in the storyline: there is always the possibility of choosing one of several options for further development of events. Under your control is a separate detachment of space marines. Each of its members has exceptional and unique abilities, which will certainly be reflected in the development of tactics and strategy.

When starting a new game, be prepared to face a hostile world, a far from peaceful environment, and a large number of randomly generated events. From the very beginning, you have to deal with the design, construction and further development of your own base. Learn a variety of technologies, get acquainted with the branches for research, find a large number of powerful alien artifacts in order to know each of the features of this game separately. In the future, it becomes possible to create and train your own military fighters, ready at any convenient moment to engage in battle with enemies.

The battles themselves are a combination of defense and attack: only pre-calculated tactics will allow you to defeat each of the enemies separately. Note that today you can download shock tactics torrent to your computer, and on this page absolutely free. Any vigorous activity here obeys the law of action points: events take place in a leisurely and step-by-step mode, which means that you have some time to think over and calculate actions in advance. Events take place mainly on the territory of a completely fictional planet called Hephaestus. It consists of a variety of locations with original landscape. As we progress through the main storyline, we will be able to not only learn the amazing history of this planet, but also write our name into it ourselves.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 and above (64 bits only!)
  • Processor: Q9650 / AMD Phenom II X4 940 or better
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Video: GTX660 / Radeon 7870 / 2GB or better
  • DirectX: 11
  • Disk space: 13 GB


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