Shoot ’em up Air Twister from the creator of Shenmue is out on Apple Arcade

Air Twister launched exclusively for Apple Arcade subscribers. You have to save your planet from the invaders.

Flying on huge geese and mushrooms floating in the air – no, this is not a dream, but an Air Twister game. You won’t be surprised by this alignment if you find out that the game designer Yu Suzuki, known for the Shenmue “meme” series, was behind its creation. His new project will seem more arcade-like, with the same type of sound effects and Xbox 360-level graphics. The game itself does not tell the story – you go through a quick tutorial and rush to score points on birds, jellyfish and other fantasy creatures.

Air Twister developers promise something new during each of the 12 stages; perhaps this is a hint of elements from roguelikes, since you have a limited number of lives, and the transitions between levels are small cut-scenes, that is, you are not transferred to the main menu. You will be able to compete in ranking categories around the world, plus enjoy simple controls; Real gamers can connect a gamepad.

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