Shooter Caliber got a temporary mode “Hacking: First Person”

1C Game Studios has released an update for the multiplayer shooter Caliber, adding a temporary mode “Hacking: First Person”. It is only available until October 19 and is intended for players who love increased difficulty. Here markers are disabled according to the rules of the “Fog of War” and the view is set to first person.

The rules of the mode are the same as in the ranked Hack, but with a few changes. The attacking side must take the “cracker” and get with him to one of the two servers of the defense team. Opponents, on the other hand, need to try to prevent this, and in case of failure, they have a new goal – to deactivate the device in 46 seconds.

This is not the first time that a first-person view has been added to Caliber. At the end of August, the Clash: First Person mode was added to the game as part of the New Perspective event.

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