Shooter Polyfield – Battlefield at minimum salaries

Polyfield is now available in Early Access for Android. If you’re a Battlefield fan, then it’s worth giving it a try.

Polyfield is a multiplayer shooter with large locations and first-person gameplay. On the maps, your army must capture five points and hold them. Judging by the fact that the soldier is holding an M1 Garand rifle, the setting of the game is World War II, and on the Western Front. For cover, you can sit in bushes or trenches, although most of the map is empty fields. The good news is that the enemy can be hit from a long distance.

Content in the latest Polyfield update

  • Rebirth at the captured point
  • Interface customization
  • Server Browser
  • Auto-run option
  • FPS setting
  • Smart bots
  • Improved lighting system
  • Chat cooldown

Should you download Polyfield?

The main disadvantage of the game is the graphics, in addition, there is a forced display of ads. Our sources report that up to 128 players can participate in one match, although the description says about the “32 vs 32” format.

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