Shooter Space Punks moved to the MBT stage and became free

Isometric shooter Space Punks has officially entered the open beta stage. From now on, the founder’s pack is not required, and everyone can download the client for free on PC through the Epic Games Store. Along with this, there was a wipe, so all players start on an equal footing.

The launch of the OBT is accompanied by the release of the fifth content update for Space Punks. It added a new mode to the game called “Fissure”, in which you need to team up in a group of four people and make your way through levels, each of which you have to fight with twisted versions of enemies. As you progress, the difficulty increases and new modifiers appear.

Space Punks is a looter shooter from developer Flying Wild Hog (Shadow Warrior series) and publisher Jagex (MMORPG RuneScape). In this game, users can team up with friends, use various weapons and hunt for loot in various missions. You can find our release version stream at this link.

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