Sid Meier’s Civilization V – Geopolitics Basics

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Five leaders have come together in a geopolitical battle on the virtual map Sid Meier’s Civilization V to once and for all prove their own power and lead their nation to world domination. Also on the world stage there are players led by artificial intelligence: Gayawatu – Iroquois, Catherine II – Russia, al-Rashid – Saudi Arabia, Montezuma – Aztecs, Ramkhamhenge – Siam.

The inexorable random gave the United States unstable Turkey as a neighbor, Japan turned out to be France’s neighbor, and the Greek state found itself on the periphery of the foreign policy interests of major players, surrounded by other nations under the leadership of artificial intelligence. The close neighborhood immediately forced the nations to choose the tactics of coexistence and set corresponding priorities accordingly. If Turkey and the United States immediately went to a confrontation in relations, then the very close location of France and Japan relative to each other left no other choice for the leaders of these countries, how to choose the path of partnership and good neighborliness, which in the future contributed to the strengthening of political, economic and cultural relations between the two states . In addition, the Franco-Japanese alliance became the main one, first for the formation of a regional, and then in a global supranational entity called the Trident.

Turkish-American relations developed in the course of distrust and superiority on the part of both leaders. In general, the “hot” blood of Suleiman Ibragimov, who from the very beginning of the game demonstrated his militancy by swearing to destroy Japan at any cost, did not contribute to the establishment of friendly relations with any nation. At the first stages of the game, Turkey got bogged down in a permanent conflict with the barbarians, which led to the social and economic backwardness of the country. Its own leader also played against Istanbul, he was an amateur in both internal and external affairs. The United States, on the contrary, quickly coped with the external challenge in the form of barbarians, and the skillful management of Washington raised the United States to the leading positions in the world ranking of states.

On the other side of the ocean, France and Japan have completed an ambitious connection called the “Great Way”, which aimed to connect the capitals of both countries with a modern road surface. The first segment of the “path” passed from Kyoto to Paris through Orleans, later other Japanese cities of Osaka and Tokyo connected to the highway, which formed the final route – Kyoto-Osaka-Orleans-Paris-Tokyo. In the future, it was planned to connect the road between Tokyo and Kyoto “in a straight line” and thereby close the circle and create a VKD (large ring road). It should be noted that each of the parties covered the costs of construction and maintenance of the project exclusively on its own territory, and in order to increase economic potential and gain access to the ocean, France abandoned its territorial expansion to the west coast and, in fact, gave Japan rich silk lands near Paris.


Alexander the Great, or simply Ivan, was left face to face with no less unpredictable subjects of international relations. The Greek capital – Athens – a small advantageous strategic position, the city was based on the hills with gold deposits. Sparta stood to the east of the capital, serving as an outpost in the north. The port city of Corinth is a very important link in the Greek state, since only Corinth had access to the ocean, the Greek polis surrounded on both sides by mountains. Argos closed the chain of Greek cities. Russia became the main neighbor and part-time regional opponent of Athens. It was the Russian-Greek war that was the first serious confrontation among the great powers. The conflict lasted no more than 15 moves with varying success on both sides, the parties signed a peace treaty that established the status quo in the region. It was after the aggression of Russia that France and Japan decided to revise their military doctrines and invite Greece to participate in the Trident. The involvement of Greece finally secured the legal status of education.

Sid Meier's Civilization V

The creation of such a powerful military-political organization pretty much excited the US State Department. However, in the early stages, the American leadership was not very concerned with the maneuvers of other countries, since the unpredictable Suleiman Ibragimov took an unprecedented step – he declared war on the United States. It is not worth looking for logic in actions, the leader of the Turks was guided more by emotions than by common sense and the interests of the nation. In the world community, the Turkish-American conflict was dubbed the “Strange War”. During the hostilities, Turkey’s losses were minimal, and there were no US losses at all. The situation calmed down as quickly as it began. It was also strange that none of the countries officially announced the outbreak of hostilities and did not ask for an international settlement. Even before the start of the war, France warned the United States to stop its territorial expansion against Turkey, realizing that Washington would be the winner in a likely war, and strengthening an already powerful player was not part of Napoleon’s plans. The “strange war” ended with the signing of a peace treaty, the reformatting of Turkish-American relations and a change in the countries’ foreign strategy. From that moment, a diplomatic game began between the main players in international relations for influence on the Turkish Sultan.


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