Siege with the new Thunderbird operator

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After several teasers, Ubisoft has officially unveiled Operation North Star, which will soon launch in the multiplayer first-person shooter Rainbow Six: Siege. During the broadcast, the developers spoke in detail about the new operative Thunderbird, the reworking of the “Favela” map and other innovations of the 2nd season of the 6th year.

Thunderbird is a protector with the following features:

  • Main weapon: assault rifle Spear .308 or shotgun SPAS-15
  • Additional weapon: pistol Q-929 or PP Bearing-9
  • Explosive devices: shock grenades or explosives
  • Gadget: KONA – Once placed, charges and then fires a healing charge at the first operative within range, including the enemy. If there are several players, then the target with the lowest amount of health is selected. Excessive health regeneration will gradually decrease to 100%.

In the process of reworking the Favela map, the developers completely changed the floor plans and most of the destructible walls. The team aimed to make the updated location more balanced and understandable, while maintaining the sharp and fast pace of combat, requiring instant reaction. In fact, we will get a completely new map, since literally all objects have been changed. Rooms will be smaller, but larger.

In addition, Ubisoft is making major balance changes and gameplay changes. This will make it easier for opponents to resist the Melusi device. A new “broken glass” mechanic will appear, allowing you to restrict view through windows or cameras. Determining the size of the gas cloud will become easier, and the damage while being in it will always be the same. The very principle of gas distribution will also change.

The update will be released on test servers Rainbow Six: Siege on May 25.

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