Silent Hill 1 download torrent For PC

Silent Hill 1 download torrent For PC Silent Hill 1 download torrent For PC

Silent Hill 1 download torrent

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Silent Hill 1 download torrent of an exciting action-horror game. This is truly one of the scariest games ever released in the gaming industry. Survival horror will allow you to feel all the horrors of the fictional world and all the sinister atmosphere that is present here, with your whole body and soul. Do not try to relax, the game will keep you on your toes throughout the passage. Until the very end. And he won’t let go even after that.

Story line

Events unfold in two dimensions. At first it will be our time, the modern world, but a little later you seem to find yourself in another dimension, from which it is no longer so easy to get out. The plot takes place in the American city of the same name Silent Hill. The protagonist is Harry Mason. This is a well-known writer in America, whose daughter Cheryl recently disappeared. And now he goes in search of her to find the poor girl. But later he learns that he has to save himself. Getting to the very center of Silent Hill, the main character discovers that the girl was taken away by a local religious cult. This is a kind of sect that sacrifices people to the gods. You must stop this process while your daughter is still alive. You have too little time to view the landscapes of the city. Explore it completely to find a way to destroy opponents. Free your daughter and return home safely. But the main character does not yet know that, perhaps, he is forever stuck in this gloomy and gray city. Even after he allegedly gets out of there. The game has multiple endings. The ending of the story will depend on your actions throughout the passage. Meet 6 different endings of the story, one of which will be comic. Due to its replayability, Silent Hill has become one of the best games in its genre. Unlike the same Outlast, which has recently become a horror mastodon, it is allowed to kill enemies here. However, this can be done in completely different ways. It will be both close combat, using knives, axes, blades, and long-range combat, with pistols and rifles. Arm yourself to the teeth to adequately resist various opponents and save your daughter. Downloading the Silent Hill 1 torrent is worth it to all fans of real horror.

Game process

The graphics in the first part of Silent Hill are behind the times. But, despite the year of release, it is still quite good. Of course, it does not compare with the current graphics capabilities, but gamers do not come to the game for this. First of all, Silent Hill is famous for its great storyline and great endings. There are 6 story endings in total. There is both a dramatic ending and a happy one, and even a comic one. Replayability is present, it adds interest to the passage. The whole game you will be accompanied by the effect of fog, just like in the movie of the same name. The game can be safely called cinematic. She uses a lot of transitions, plot twists, styles, visualizations, just like in some kind of movie. The graphics are quite detailed, gloomy, gray, atmospheric. The entourage in the game is magnificent, which is a full-fledged horror. The mechanics of martial arts looks interesting. Fight with a large number of opponents, destroy them with firearms or in close combat.

Features of Silent Hill 1

  • frightening game elements;
  • a lot of screamers; a bunch of videos, cut-scenes;
  • interesting story;
  • non-trivial endings;
  • the ending depends on your actions;
  • difficult passage;
  • unusual battle mechanics.

After downloading the Silent Hill 1 torrent, play with pleasure one of the most exciting games of this genre.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7//8/10
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Video Card: 256 MB VRAM / OpenGL Compatible
  • Hard disk: 1 GB


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