Silent Mist tower defense on the verge of a regional CBT

Silent Mist tower defense is about to open the door for testers. Gamers from one platform can participate.

Silent Mist is a mobile project for which a regional CBT begins today, April 7th. This is exclusive to Tap Tap, so there is no talk of Google Play. The developers say that while in-app purchases will not be available, and after the servers are closed, all progress will be deleted. As for platforms, it is purely Android in the following countries: Canada, UK, Indonesia, Philippines, USA.

In addition to typical tower defense gameplay, you’ll be investigating a mystery around Big Ben, with tentacles involved; Cthulhu, is that you? Otherwise, everything is standard – we go through the levels, get three stars, and so on until the logical conclusion. Only instead of towers, we use anime girls, and not only in PvE, but also in PvP.

If we talk about the advantages of Silent Mist, then this is definitely a visual style – hand-drawn models and locations without a strong bias towards anime aesthetics.

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