Sims 4 / SIMS 4 all add-ons download torrent For PC

Sims 4 SIMS 4 all add ons download torrent For Fresh trailer in honor of the release of a large-scale update for the shooter Ready Or Not

Sims 4 / SIMS 4 all add-ons download torrent

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The most popular life simulator naturally receives more and more new official and amateur additions. You can get acquainted with the addons for Sims 4, and then download them via torrent, on this page of the site. The gameplay itself is completely free and non-linear: there is no storyline. Control the life of family members, characters created by you. There is a great variety of activities, you can do almost anything. Despite the fact that the scene is completely fictional cities, they are very similar to their real prototypes. The game was even dubbed the realization of the American dream, so the characters, habits and aspirations of the heroes are similar to real US citizens. The main Sims 4 game content features a large number of already customized houses and characters.

In addition, a powerful editor is built into the game, thanks to which you can create your own scenarios. All additions built into the original game look as harmonious as possible and are made by real professionals. Some of the mods are very small and are, for example, additional packs of hairstyles, appearance or interior of houses. While the rest are designed to further diversify the already boring gameplay. The developers have released a special version, called the Deluxe Edition, where everything is collected in one set – you can download it here via torrent.

Classification of supplements

You can subdivide all the modifications that have been released so far into 3 separate categories. Major additions – they expand the territory of the city, introduce players to new areas and gameplay elements. So far there are 3 of them:

  • Get to Work or To Work. In the first of these, our wards Sims can get a new job and even turn their favorite hobby into a professional activity. We also get the opportunity to freelance without leaving home, to build a career. More attention is now paid not to family, but to work relationships. The most successful careerists and businessmen are away from home almost all the time – it is successfully replaced by office space or open-space territory.
  • Get together or have fun together. The second was intended to diversify the daily life of our heroes. Now they can use several types of outdoor activities together with other characters: get out to nightclubs, swimming pools, arrange really cool and crazy parties. After our wards have worked hard, it is not forbidden to have a wonderful rest. A large number of new costumes, decorations and colorful accessories for the masquerade have been added, which should especially appeal to girls.
  • City Living or Life in the City. The gaming area has been expanded several times, thanks to which hundreds of new entertainments have appeared in the urban area. Now it is not at all necessary to travel to the suburban area in order to have fun and escape from the bustle of the city. Additional festivals and events, the possibility of moving from a country house to an apartment located in the central area of ​​the city – now you will get to know your neighbors even more closely. The most intense, vibrant and varied Sims 4 add-on of all time.

Patches, content updates and modifications

Periodically, the Sims 4 game, along with extensive modifications, comes out with smaller patches. Sometimes they are designed to fix accumulated bugs, and sometimes they give us a new portion of game content. You can be sure that on this page of the site you can always find and download the latest version via torrent. The released game packs included items for family vacations in the countryside, visits to spas with massage, meditation, saunas and yoga classes, as well as prestigious restaurants and cafes for wealthy residents of the city, where you could always get out on weekends with family or business partners.

The next update includes elements of the underworld – meet the new vampire residents who will now live among us. These residents have both their own strengths and weaknesses, but even beginners will find it interesting to play as them. Separately, it is necessary to highlight the sets of content additions, which are released almost monthly after the release of the original version of the game. Some of them include additional clothing for both female and male characters. The rest are designed to diversify the external and internal appearance of our houses: decorative elements, the possibility of equipping a children’s room, a set for a full-fledged Halloween party.

Update and support

The developers initially stated that they would complement the original Sims 4 game universe, at least until the announcement and release of the next part. And this means that a lot of interesting things still await us ahead. If you look at the release schedule for patches and updates, you can see that the work is in full swing without interruption. In addition, the players themselves, thanks to the built-in editor and constructor, can create something interesting – there are many sites on the Internet where we can find all the unofficial additions. The largest mods come out about once every six months, and so far their total number is limited to 3 pieces.

Despite the fact that the game is new, in the year and a half since its release, a huge number of re-releases and repacks have been released, so among them it will be very easy for inexperienced users. That’s why we present to your attention on this page to download the torrent of the most complete of the official assemblies that have been released to date. Its installation is very simple, and even a child will figure it out. Thanks to the in-game settings, we will be able to customize the content exclusively for ourselves, subsequently eliminating unwanted add-ons. In general, the flexible game engine copes well with the load of mods on it, which means that we can expect more than a dozen of them from the developers.

System requirements

  • Windows XP 32
  • Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz/Athlon 64 X2 4000+
  • GeForce 6600 GT/Radeon X1300
  • DX9
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 9GB HDD


Sims 4 / SIMS 4 all add-ons download torrent
Sims 4 / SIMS 4 all add-ons download torrent
Sims 4 / SIMS 4 all add-ons download torrent
Sims 4 / SIMS 4 all add-ons download torrent
Sims 4 / SIMS 4 all add-ons download torrent
Sims 4 / SIMS 4 all add-ons download torrent

Sims 4 / SIMS 4 all add-ons download torrent
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