Single server, PC release, global plans and other details of MMORPG Seven Knights: Revolution

Recently, Netmarble held a special presentation where they announced the release date of the mobile MMORPG Seven Knights: Revolution. The foreign portal collected all the most important information from this event, and we, in turn, translated it into Russian for you. So here’s what we know about the game:

  • The official launch date for Seven Knights: Revolution in South Korea is July 28, 2022.
  • Netmarble claims 2022 is the year of IP expansion starting with Seven Knights.
  • This is the 4th game with the subtitle Revolution. It was stated that projects with this name aim to surpass the quality of previous games.
  • Netmarble Nexus, the internal team behind Seven Knights: Revolution, has confirmed that the game is a co-op MMORPG and not a competitive one where gamers can play with their friends.
  • Seven Knights: Revolution takes place in the parallel world of Seven Knights, where players will be able to transform into several different characters, similar to the anime series Seven Knights Revolution: Successor of Heroes.
  • Part of the world view is related to the original Seven Knights game, but is not directly related to it.
  • There are no fixed classes for the character by default in the game, and skills and fighting styles depend on which weapon is equipped.
  • Players are allowed to choose the same heroes, but they can have different stats, skills, and weapons.
  • Seven Knights: Revolution was said to feature a “sophisticated” non-target combat system in which players can truly enjoy immersive real-time combat.
  • Seven Knights: Revolution only has one world and one server for all players (at least in South Korea).
  • There is a land system called Nexus that allows players to own patches of private land. This lot can be upgraded and expanded, and shared with other players.
  • There are also standard guild features, including PVE and PVP modes.
  • There are even casual activities such as singing and performing.
  • Seven Knights: Revolution will be released on both mobile platforms and PC.
  • The global version of Seven Knights: Revolution should not be long in coming. They promise to prepare it soon after the South Korean launch.
  • The development of the game took about 4 years, and the team had about 100 people.
  • Hero transformation cards can be obtained through quests, in-game crafting and summoning (most likely, we are talking about the gacha system). Currently, there are 20 heroes in the game, and more than 100 are in preparation, which are planned to be added in monthly updates.
  • New story content is expected to appear every 3-4 months.
  • Netmarble’s CEO has confirmed that a new game in the Seven Knights franchise is in development.
  • Gamepad support for Seven Knights: Revolution is currently being prepared.

You can now pre-register for the Korean version of Seven Knights: Revolution to receive the character Rachel, a costume, and various cosmetic items as a reward. You can do this on the official website, as well as in the Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) stores.

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