SINoALICE download torrent For PC

SINoALICE download torrent For PC Fortnite - Trials: Dance Between Three Ice Sculptures

SINoALICE download torrent

SINoALICE is a role-playing adventure game released by Pokelabo and Square Enix in 2017. These are two fairly well-known developers both in Japan, where the game began its journey, and around the world. Although for the rest of the world the arcade was released only on July 1, 2020. Although it was originally planned to be released in 2019. The toy is similar to NieR, which also has almost the same storytelling and a very clear parallel style. The soundtrack for the game was written by famous Japanese musicians Shotaro, Okabo and Hoashi.

Story line

SINoALICE is an action RPG with an engaging storytelling style and unusual gameplay. This is a fairly short game, dynamic and fast-paced. But the missions here are quite interesting and entertaining, so you should not worry about this. All characters were taken from any fairy tales, mythologies, legends of Japanese writers and cartoonists. No wonder the Japanese director Yoko Taro devoted so much time to reading many books, once sitting in the city library. The storyline tells about the female protagonists, which you will control. This is the struggle of the main characters for their rights and their own lives. You must destroy all enemy characters and eradicate the dark forces once and for all. Do your best to win and survive. This will not be as easy to do as it seems at first glance. Although the game can not be called difficult. It goes pretty quickly, and it will also be easy for you if you are an experienced gamer and a professional player. The female protagonists tell their stories and they miraculously will come true. And then you have to participate in these stories. Sad and tragic myths and legends, a lot of battles and battles, a huge arsenal of weapons and equipment, which, moreover, can be developed and upgraded – all this can be found here, in the amazing SINoALICE arcade adventure. You will find about 150 different types of weapons. Among them there are a lot of magical abilities, but all this opens only as you progress. And it still needs to be studied. Please note that all features depend on the class of each character. Here each unit is unique and original. Download the SINoALICE torrent and play a great and unusual game.

Game process

In the game, you can fight both 1 on 1, 2 on 2, and 15 on 15, participating in large-scale battles in the colosseum. At the same time, there is both a single player and a cooperative game. Enter network battles and start looking for a free server to show all your skills to users from anywhere in the world. Intense battles, constant research and improvement of your own characters await you. And all this happens in real time. Invite your friends and start playing a joint cooperative game. Fight against the most dangerous enemies who do not spare anyone. These will not necessarily be real players, there are also simple mobs, NPCs who want to profit from you in any free minute. With all this, there are friendly units. They will help you fight powerful enemies and tell you how to act correctly in order to win. Join guilds and factions, becoming their true leader. Lead your team to victory and never back down! You will find a bunch of awards, prizes and magnificent artifacts.

Features of SINoALICE

  • interesting story;
  • animated graphics;
  • many battles;
  • cooperative mode;
  • advanced server settings;
  • 150 types of weapons;
  • character flow.

You can download the SINoALICE torrent right now if you want to immerse yourself in something unusual and exciting.

System requirements


SINoALICE download torrent
SINoALICE download torrent
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