Skeletal Avenger slasher will be released in December on iOS

Publisher 10tons is preparing to launch the Skeletal Avenger. In it, the skeleton runs through the dungeons and throws its head at enemies.

Skeletal Avenger is an isometric slasher that will be released on iOS on December 2nd. Players will have to explore a chain of dungeons and sewers in order to get into the castle of the powerful Magician and avenge his own death. Pre-orders are open in the App Store, the cost of the game is 549 rubles

If you compare Skeletal Avenger with the majestic Diablo, then it will not be completely replaceable. Regardless, slasher fans will find interesting elements:

  • Levels are randomly generated
  • A dozen enemies with unique behaviors
  • Four biomes: dungeons, sewers, dark caves and a castle
  • An infinite number of tasks for the NG + mode
  • Testing skills on Arena Challenges

Gamer reviews for Skeletal Avenger

The game received very positive reviews on Steam. The “Most Helpful Reviews” states that this is a hurricane rogue-lite with a ton of perk and tons of loot. The plot is minimal, and even if you win, your health is not restored.

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