Skid Rally – Slow-mo drift, low polygons and hello from Unity

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Badman studio has released Skid Rally on smartphones. You won’t find licensed cars here like in Rush Rally. In the general style, gray colors prevail, and we drift on an empty track (even the spectators were not brought to the stands). The local camera reacts to every turn of the steering wheel, and sometimes drifting is done in slow-mo. The developers did not bother with graphics, so we get low polygons and hello from the Unity engine. During the races, you can complete tasks; the reward for viewing ads is doubled.

There are several modes: duel, drag racing and race against the clock. In addition to paved tracks, we will ride on uneven deserts. In drag racing, you need to change gears on time (hello Project Cars Go). Cars can be pumped for the money earned. There is a premium currency. Although this is not the debut project of the Badman studio, but the first attempt to break into the racing genre.

Skid Rally is available on Android. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions up to 4 499 rubles per itemTapTap says to believe in the iOS version.

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