Slasher The Twins will allow you to play offline on smartphones

Mobile game The Twins appeared on Google Play. Pre-registration is currently underway, so let’s see what it can offer.

The creators of Shadow Knight are working on a new smartphone game, The Twins. Based on its full name on Google Play, players will be able to run it without an internet connection. Probably worth waiting for the free and “premium version” for 15 rubles. There is no release date yet, so we are going through pre-registration for Android.

The Twins players will find themselves in an ancient world inspired by Japan; they are waiting for magic, monsters and heroes. The developers promise daily tasks and clan tests. They are performed outside the castle, where tasks are just given out. In addition to ordinary demons, you will have to face bosses, with them falls a lot of experience and materials to create equipment.

Judging by the screenshots of The Twins, you will be able to summon a dragon and make a strong attack with cool animations and special effects: the dragon’s head rushes forward, and your sword makes a rift in the ground and turns it red.

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