Slay the Spire-style Indies’ Lies bagel hit smartphones

Played Slay the Spire? So the Indies’ Lies card bagel can come in. This is a free game that has appeared on the App Store and Google Play.

Indies’ Lies is a card game with roguelike elements. Now he has gone to smartphones and does not need to pay in advance. Moreover, the maximum donation is 279 rubles (perhaps this is the deactivation of advertising). In terms of mechanics, the game resembles Slay the Spire: we are given three random maps and three classes. Sometimes we participate in card battles, for the victory in which we receive rewards.

Between battles, you can stumble upon random events where you have to make a choice. Since there is no Russian language in Indies’ Lies, it will be difficult for some to understand what is wanted from them. The developers say that this is a single project, and each hero has his own deck of cards and his own abilities.

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As you progress, players will meet lieutenants who can be invited to join their team. Plus, there is a large leveling branch for the main characters. Indies’ Lies is now available on smartphones. The PC release is expected on December 21st.

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