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Slime Royale Offers Blockchain and Slime Collecting Crypto

The developers of Slime Royale released their brainchild in many countries, with the exception of Russia. It’s basically like Pokemon.

Slime Royale is a mobile game that is available on Android; there is no version information for iOS. In it, you collect cards from multi-colored slugs, as well as materials for pumping them. Gamers have access to various modes, including boss raids and guild battles. But first you need to assemble a team of 3 slugs and send them to an auto-battle with another trainer; just like in Pokemon.

Slime Royale has an energy system that will keep you or your child from playing for long periods of time. And in order to constantly win, you need to monitor the level of pumping, rarity and element of the character. I note that the screensaver before the battle lags on the gameplay, and in general, when playing Slime Royale, it seems as if you launched Pokémon on the Nintendo 64 with the soundtrack from The Legend of Zelda.

In order to constantly update their collection of slimes in Slime Royale, the developers have added a daily lottery with cryptocurrency and an exchange of cards in the marketplace.

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