Smash the zombies with a club in the Zombie Shelter arcade

Arcade project Zombie Shelter is available on Android. In it we are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse with a club at the ready.

Zombie Shelter is a mobile arcade game now available on Google Play. In fact, this is another alternative to Archero, only this time it is necessary to fend off the zombies. The scheme is simple – we run up to the dead with a club at the ready and push them aside. If you are lucky, they will fall into the tires, from which they will again fly to you. After leveling up, you can get a legendary buff.

Zombie Shelter has pixelated graphics and some sound effects ripping apart the smartphone speakers. We are given a choice of six characters, elements from roguelikes and the “Arena” mode, in which you can climb to the top of the leaderboard, and global ones. You only have to pay for the first place – the maximum price tag costs in 8 599 rubles… I am glad that at least there is an insert in the form of a comic at the start, and the soundtrack with synthesizers returns to the 80s.

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