Smite: tips for beginners

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The Smite Guide is a walkthrough of the most basic concepts and principles of the classic mode, which will be useful to all beginners.

Want to know how to play Smite? How to win without claims from allies? Then delve into the basic values ​​​​and remember the strategy.

There are only four such lines in Conquest:

  • Solo (solo). Short, lateral. The realm of warriors and magicians – they feel as comfortable as possible on this line. Here, between your own and enemy towers, the smallest distance. And you can always run away by placing signal Wards;
  • Mid (mid). Central. Dedicated to mages, and they are easy prey (as is commonly believed). Wards are already placed on both sides so that they do not win too quickly;
  • Duo (duo). The longest game line. The most dangerous between the towers – they can easily attack. Here are hunters with magicians;
  • Forest (jungle). The very place for an assassin class. They farm neutral shouts here, take buffs and gank lanes.

Remember: no bots and tops. Only the above lines, which are sometimes called left / right by experienced players.

Classes in Smite

The creators of Smite came up with five playable classes:

  • Magicians (Mage). A versatile class whose strength is equal to ability;
  • Assassins. They are also called foresters. They develop + farm exclusively in the forest zone of the line;
  • Hunters. Can become kings of the game at a later stage under certain conditions;
  • Warriors. Class-stage between Assassin and Defender;
  • Defenders (Guardian). Support class. In other words, “tanks-supports”.
  • Buffy (the ones)

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In Smite Jungle, you can always get from neutral monsters:

  • blue buff from the side of the solo lane;
  • red between duo and mid lanes;
  • orange buff between solo and duet;
  • purple on the side of the double line.

There are two monsters in the game – the Fire Giant and the Golden Fury.

The beginning and tactics of the game

So how do you learn to play Smite? First you need to select a character + a line, then a class and a god, and then register all this in the chat. If you do not report the command staff, you can get a report, and this will ruin the game, including the game of the allies. Did everyone do it right? Click Lock in!

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Pay attention to the specific tactics for each class character. Mages go mid, taking the red buff. They need to stock up on Ward – place on both sides of the forest. And we must protect lives, especially at the very beginning, since there is a chance of dying from a shot from a tower.

Assassins need to stock up (with the help of basic items) in order to level without problems. You will also need health potions and boots (for mobility). For the rest, you should rely on abilities – they will be enough.

Hunters should buy mana (that’s a problem). Then go to the duo, help the midlaner get the red buff, pick up the purple one himself, and after that go to the lane. You need to play carefully, without dying, in order to really reveal yourself at the end of the game. If things are going really badly, you should contact the jungler with a request to “gank the lane”.

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Warriors go solo and help the junglers pick up the orange buff, and those give them a blue one. At the beginning, the class is weak and vulnerable, but then the warriors gain experience by finishing off the shout, pushing the lane and going to the aid of the allies. By the end of the game, they have a chance to become tanky if both defense and harm are gathered at the same time, avoiding enemy porches.

The tactics of the defenders are similar to those of magic. They just need to spend 300 gold on Hand of the Gods. The class is needed to quickly take out the cyclops in Buffy (purple) and kill the Golden Fury with the Fire Giant first (before the enemy team).

Remember, Smite is a team-based and extremely fun game. It can be played for a very long time! But it is necessary to understand everything well, at least in the most simple, classical level.


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