Sniper Elite III – Difficulty Selection

image2 2 Sniper Elite III - Difficulty Selection

Additional options for the difficulty level screen.

There are four main difficulty levels available to the player in the game:

  • Cadet – This level offers a minor challenge. Enemies are mindless, the protagonist is extremely durable, and there are no principles of ballistics in the game (meaning you don’t have to consider anything when shooting from long ranges).

  • Shooter – This difficulty level is slightly harder than the Cadet. Enemies are smarter and better and faster to respond to the player’s actions. The game has limited principles of ballistics.

  • Sniper Elite – This difficulty level is recommended for those who are playing the game for the first time. It offers more of a challenge from the previously mentioned levels, mainly due to enemies (which are more sensitive to the player’s actions) and realistic ballistics principles. It’s worth noting that this difficulty level allows you to turn on friendly fire, allowing you to harm your allies while playing co-op.

  • Authentic – this level is recommended for those players who completed the game at least on lower settings. This is mainly due to the fact that the player can no longer save their progress. This can complicate the game because all the missions from the second one are long and they have some moments where it is easy to make a mistake and fail the mission.

It is worth noting that the selected difficulty level is not always active until the very end of the game. You can change the difficulty level while preparing for the next mission. However, you must remember that changing the difficulty level to a lower one may block you from unlocking some achievements / trophies.

If you don’t like the difficulty settings, you can prepare your own – the Custom option is used for this purpose. Three modifiers:

  • Enemy Skill – It affects how big the threat to the enemies is.

  • Ballistic Realism – This affects the realism of the principles of ballistics in the game, affecting your ability to shoot.

  • Tactical Assistance – Affects the number of assistive user interface elements (mini-maps, etc.) displayed on the screen.


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