Sniper Elite III – How to properly use a sniper rifle

image4 2 Sniper Elite III - How to properly use a sniper rifle

It is worth getting to the observation posts and climbing the observation towers.

In Sniper Elite III, you can fight enemies in many ways, where your main weapon is your sniper rifle. Proper preparation for every use of your rifle is essential before a mission, and the most important issue is finding the right shooting position. As you explore the area, check out the various heights, vantage points (such as the edge of a cliff), lookout towers, and sniper nests that are marked on the map. Using these types of locations will allow you to have a wider view to shoot, as well as eliminate enemies from as far away as possible.

image2 37 Sniper Elite III - How to properly use a sniper rifle

Binoculars are useful in finding and marking enemies.

After you have taken a comfortable place to shoot, you should take binoculars. Using binoculars will allow you to easily and quickly locate nearby enemies, as well as those who are at a distance of several tens or hundreds of meters from you. If you’re playing on a lower difficulty level than Authentic, you can also use binoculars to mark enemies you’ve previously spotted. This is an extremely useful feature, especially when you are dealing with well-hidden enemies or when there are many patrols guarding an area.

image3 36 Sniper Elite III - How to properly use a sniper rifle

The red diamond informs you of where your bullet hit.

After taking the appropriate measures, you can aim your weapon at the enemy – although it’s useful to keep some key features in mind:

  • Target Distance – The farther away from you the enemy you want to kill is, the higher you have to aim your weapon (you have to make vertical adjustments to the crosshairs). Note: On the lowest difficulty level available in the game (Cadet), there are no ballistic principles and you don’t need to make any adjustments to your target at all.

  • Wind strength and direction – Wind information can be found at the top of the screen. In this case, you must make horizontal adjustments to your target. Note: On Cadet and Marksman difficulty levels, wind does not affect bullet trajectory. Adjustments should be made in the opposite direction of the marker – if it goes to the left, you should tilt the crosshair to the right.

  • Heartbeat – The lower the heartbeat, the more stable your aim is, resulting in more accurate shots. Try to sprint as little as possible, and if necessary, try to at least wait a few seconds to calm down before firing.

  • Holding your breath – By holding your breath, the concentration bar will be systematically depleted. Try to take your shot before the level drops to zero. Note – you can only hold your breath when your heart rate is below 80 beats per minute. If you want to move slowly while holding your breath, your heart rate should be below 65 beats per minute.

  • Diamond icon – if you are not playing on the highest difficulty level, after holding your breath, a diamond icon may appear on the screen. The icon informs you where your bullet will hit when fired. This means you don’t have to fully adjust your scope based on target distance and wind. Note – a red diamond means that the bullet will be able to hit the target. Gray means that the target is blocked by some obstacle (tree, bush, building, etc.)


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