Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army download torrent For PC

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army download torrent

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UPDATED: 115/06/2022

The creators of Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army have had to harass the military before, download via torrent to find out what they did. Snipers during the Second World War fight with the dead. After the release, the developers began a rapid advance and released five add-ons. They all came out different, and not with a couple of brand new guns. We’ll get gigantic open-air multiplayer maps that give you the ability to carefully traverse endless spaces and obstacles, and complete missions to eliminate Hitler’s worst enemy. Our game is a separate class. If in the past parts artistic realism, albeit conditionally, still took place, hid in the shadows, carried away the bodies in a timely manner and relied on clues, but now everything flies into hell.

By and large, this is another version of the setting for the Second World War. Not going to give up Berlin, Hitler gives the order to launch “Plan Z”, and after that the dilapidated city is filled with the walking dead – these are dead soldiers crawling out of their graves before our eyes. The essence of the game is to run from one cover to another, upgrade your weapons supplies and go on shooting at zombies. At the beginning, it may seem that the task is a piece of cake: the undead are barely weaving and are convenient for aiming. But then comes the hell. Screenwriters often use it a very effective technique. You find yourself locked in a cramped room, and trying not to die in the near future, and evil zombies crawl at you from every crack. And not only their number is horrifying, but also various modifications. Skeletons can only die if you hit them in the heart, heavy machine gunners, screaming suicidal dead, ready to blow themselves up when they get close to you, and dead shooters on rooftops.

But if you think you will get a sniper simulator, then you are greatly mistaken. Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army arcade shooter, download via torrent if you are a fan of the genre. In the first couple, you are happy to fire at the monsters with weapons, but then you will have to fight them off with almost improvised means. And the shooting itself bears little resemblance to the real one, you won’t have to do any calculation for the wind and distance. There is absolutely no time to think about it, your task is to shoot at the speed of light. And thanks to this, the evil spirit is sent a second time to the grave. The toy turns out to be full-bodied, challenging and adrenaline-fueled with excellent cooperation.

System requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista/Seven/Eight
  • Processor: Intel Pentium D 3.0 Ghz
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM
  • Video card: 256 Mb, Shader Model 4.0, DirectX 10.0 support
  • Free space: 5 GB


Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army download torrent
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army download torrent
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army download torrent
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army download torrent

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