Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Abilities: Sniper, Ghost, Warrior

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Newly mastered abilities don’t change the gameplay much. Some of them will be useless, and some will be noticeable only in certain situations. However, it is worth thinking about the development of your character. First of all, choose the skill that best suits the game.

Abilities are divided into three groups: “Sniper”, “Ghost” and “Warrior”, reflecting the way the mission goal is achieved. Each group is divided into three levels. Higher level abilities can be unlocked if you have purchased at least two lower level abilities. In addition, the ability can be unlocked by earning a certain number of points (level 1 – 2 points, level 2 – 4 points and level 3 – 8 points).

Ability points are obtained for 1000 experience points (XP) that you get for actions related to this group of abilities. Points associated with the Sniper Group are obtained mainly by eliminating enemies with sniper weapons. Bonus received for kills over 200m.

If you want to develop the Ghost’s ability group, you must take out enemies with a knife and side weapons. On the other hand, the Warrior skill group consists of gaining experience for: using additional weapons, killing streaks, and drone-related activities.

Sniper abilities

Below are all the abilities associated with the sniper tree.

  • Operator (1st level) – CCTV camera cone is visible in recon mode – a useful ability at the beginning of the game until you unlock the hacking module for the drone, which allows you to hack cameras.
  • Echolocation (1st level) – The ability to “see sounds such as the footsteps or voices of enemies in reconnaissance mode” – the ability to “see” the footsteps of an approaching enemy, which helps to prepare for a collision or escape.
  • Collector (1st level) – You get 50% more loot – an important ability if you want to unlock all the equipment and use the Workshop.
  • Zen Master (2nd level) – when aiming, you can hold your breath 50% longer – this ability is especially important if you play as a sniper; hold your breath, you have more time to shoot.
  • Collector (Tier 2) – In exploration mode, a detector box with loot through walls (15m range) – definitely worth recommending to those who care about seeing and collecting all the loot.
  • Pilot Drone (Tier 2) – Unlocks additional drone module space – if you use the drone a lot and want to use all of its modules, it’s worth spending points on this ability.
  • Sniper (level 3) – You reload a 20% faster rifle – a useless skill due to the relatively large magazine capacity for a sniper rifle; Sniper weapons are not assault rifles and do not require constant reloading.
  • Predator Sense (Level 3) – In scout mode, you can see the silhouettes of marked enemies through walls – a very useful ability, thanks to which we can see hiding enemies.
  • Sniper (level 3) – In reconnaissance mode, you can see the lines of the sniper scope – a medium useful skill; On the one hand, we can see the lines of sight of the sniper, and on the other hand, there are not many enemy snipers, and we usually eliminate them at the very beginning of the mission.

Ghost Abilities

Below are all the abilities associated with the Ghost tree.

  • Pickpocket (level 1) – Automatically collect trophies from the bodies of enemies killed in hand-to-hand combat. This ability may be of interest to people who often quietly kill opponents with a knife.
  • Powerful Creator (level 1) – Creating traps requires less resources – a useful ability only for players using traps.
  • Iron Skin (Level 1) – Explosions damage 25% less – Unsuitable skill due to low and rare risk of explosives and grenades.
  • Paramedic (Tier 2) – Adds an extra health segment and first aid kits are marked on the map – this ability should be of interest to players interested in open combat.
  • Spook (Level 2) – Walking and jumping causes 50% less noise – Unlike the Paramedic ability, this ability should be of interest mainly to players interested in a quiet approach.
  • Strength (Level 2) – An additional segment of health is also a useful ability for players who prefer open combat, although assassins can never have too much health.
  • Creeper (3rd lvl) – Move movement in strikes is now 20% faster – The increase in movement speed while crouching is not particularly noticeable, though for players who prefer a quieter approach this modest bonus can be useful.
  • Spider (Level 3) – Climbing 20% ​​faster is a fairly useless skill due to its low gain and unnecessary use of climbing skills in the game.
  • Serial Killer (3rd level) – Unlimited melee kill streak is a useful ability if you want to increase your melee experience points.

Warrior Abilities

Below are all the abilities associated with the warrior tree.

  • Smart (level 1) – Crafting ammo requires less resources – a useful ability if you use the Workshop to craft ammo.
  • Runner (1st level) – you lose power more slowly – the ability is especially noticeable when you walk through the game world; the character can run longer without rest (stamina decreases more slowly).
  • Packed Pocket (Level 1) – You have an extra magazine for assault rifles – this ability is worth it if you often fight openly.
  • Mule (level 2) – Unlocks additional space for a gadget – use the ability if you use a lot of gadgets.
  • Cheaper Purchases (Level 2) – Better prices when buying ammo from stores – a moderately useful ability because ammo can be made in a workshop or harvested from the bodies of fallen enemies.
  • Agile hands (2nd level) – Fast reload – similar to Pakown’s pocket utility.
  • Mule (level 3) – Unlock extra space for a gadget – be interested in this ability if you use a lot of gadgets.
  • Resilience (Rank 3) – Bonus Health Segment – Higher health is especially useful for players in direct combat.
  • Berserker (3rd level) – when you have one health bar left, you have unlimited strength for 20 seconds – in situations where the enemy detects your position and you have to engage in open combat, this ability can save you many times.


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