Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 – Exploration, activities, equipment basics

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While Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 places a lot of emphasis on the missions that can be included in the main story and side missions, the game world also offers other activities and interesting exploration. There are regions on the world map – separate maps that we can freely explore in search of small tasks, supplies and loot.

You can navigate the map on foot, by car, or enjoy a quick ride. Fast travel is available from the map level. In order to use it, you need to find a fast travel marker.


If we want to use the Workshop located in each hideout, we need to collect resources. Resources are scattered throughout the game world and we will meet them while exploring buildings, caves, posts and other places where we encounter enemies. The Scout’s Sense can help in finding resources, thanks to which gold items for collecting will be highlighted.

In the Workshop, using resources, we can create ammunition, grenades and medicines. When we run out of currency, crafting items from resources may be the only way to supplement key pieces of equipment. Exploring the game world, we can collect five types of resources: explosive parts, mechanical parts, electronic components and biological substances.

On the map screen, you can check the status of resources (bottom row, left: biological substances, explosive parts, cartridge parts, mechanical and electronic components)


In addition to the main and additional missions, other actions are available in the game, thanks to which we can get additional materials and increase the supply of currency. These actions are repetitive and do not require a method to achieve the goal imposed by the game.

  • Outpost (marked on the map with a red flag icon) – they are guarded by separatists. The degree of difficulty in capturing an area depends on the size of the enemy, the defenses (eg mortar, armored vehicles) and location. It is worth starting with reconnaissance and marking enemies, and then move on to silent elimination. It is worth noting that civilians can be found in some outposts. The prize for receiving the station is promotions and commercial goods.
  • Target to eliminate (marked with a crown icon on the map) – in the game you will find a list of people who need to be eliminated. Kills within the quest objective do not affect the story. Killing the desired targets will give you a large injection of currency and experience points. Only killing the wanted person is sufficient to fulfill the purpose of this activity. There is no need to deal with guards who will protect the target. That is why it will be useful to observe, find the right space for the sniper and quickly deal with the desired target.
  • Point of Interest (marked on the map with a white question mark icon) – places that need to be cleared by doing one of several actions: collecting lots, killing separatists, rescuing civilians, searching for clues and traces, collecting items and notes. Often, the additional reward for points is experience points.


The equipment that you can equip our sniper with is of great importance and does not only consist of a sniper rifle. The protagonist of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 has a wide range of weapon and gadget choices and ammunition choices. Before each mission, it is worth taking the time to select the necessary equipment, replenish ammo and gadgets, and repair silencers and armor.


  • The main weapon – a sniper rifle – is indispensable in the work of every sniper. By changing the weapon, we can change the scope, increase the magazine, and even apply a new skin to the rifle. If we want to silently eliminate opponents, we need to buy a silencer.
  • Additional weapons – to choose from: assault rifles, shotguns. If we want open combat, we must equip ourselves with weapons that will help us in direct combat.
  • Sidearms – mainly in this category we find pistols, but also revolvers and accessories. A very useful melee weapon. As with the sniper rifle, it’s worth using a suppressor that will allow you to calmly take out enemies.
  • Knife – useful for silent elimination of enemies.
  • Medicine – a first aid kit, pills and an injection of adrenaline allow you to replenish health.
  • Gadgets – grenades, night vision, silencer calibrator, PP face – are useful depending on your preferred play style.
  • Armor – increases the protection of the main character from fire and explosives.
  • The drone is a very useful device whose main task is to mark enemies. The drone can be modified with additional upgrades, allowing, among other things, to install a night vision device, a hacking module or a decoy. When using a drone, remember to keep a safe distance – opponents can see it and sound an alarm.

Tips for getting started

– Aim for the head – just one shot to kill the enemy.

– If you are warning enemies and want to avoid open combat, move back and wait until the enemy calms down. Then you can quietly destroy your enemies.

– If the enemy starts to notice you (a white crescent will appear on the screen) – do not run away, just lie down and hide. This will definitely increase the chance of opponents not attacking.

– Use Scout Sense frequently to see enemies, loot and collectibles more easily.

– Don’t forget to replenish ammo, items, gadgets and heal wounds in your hideout after each mission.

– Mark enemies with a sniper scope, drones and special items – it makes it easier to track your opponents.

– Use a drone – you can mark your enemies faster than with a sniper scope.

– Weapons of eliminated enemies can be dismantled, turning them into supplies.

– Always keep muffler calibrators in order to repair the muffler if necessary.

– Even if you prefer a quiet approach, it’s worth having an extra fast weapon like an assault rifle. You can attach a silencer to it, which will reduce the sound of the shot. You may find yourself in a situation where enemies will see you and you will have to deal with them quickly. That’s when an additional weapon will be useful.


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