Snipers or campers are not loved in fast-paced shooters like Call of Duty Mobile. Now they can practice and use their skills in a new game called Sniper Wars: LAC. This is a real sniper simulator: we participate in 1v1 battles, where at the beginning of the round, two shooters find themselves in a random place. Their task is to quickly find the enemy and put a bullet in his forehead

We are gradually improving the sniper rifle. In Sniper War, there is only a PvP mode, where before the match, you can look at your rank and general statistics. The winner is the one who managed more times to kill an opponent in three rounds… Every time you have to fight with the twitch of the rifle. With a precise fit, the camera flies after the bullet, like in the Sniper Elite series. For daily login, in-game rewards are issued.

Sniper Wars: LAC is available on Android. Microtransactions do not bite (maximum 599 rubles per item); there is advertising. There is no version information for iOS.

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