SNK FORCE: Max Mode Global Test Started, Not All Gamers Are Happy

SNK FORCE: Max Mode is a turn-based arcade game where players have to assemble a team of the best warriors. For convenience, battles take place in auto mode. At the start we are “led by the handle” to show the basics of gameplay. There is a certain plot that develops through text inserts like visual novels. During the battle, the player only needs to activate the ultimate. Locations are interesting and made in the 2.5D style with the participation of moving and “static” objects.

Now a global test has been launched for SNK FORCE, and players have started to complain about it. For example, on the server there are already pumped-in fighters, plus the call of new characters (gacha) is “twisted”. There is an element of strategy, for example, you need to correctly place the heroes before the start of the fight. Although the outcome is influenced by the total number of points of the team. They are divided into elements, since the game uses the “rock, paper, scissors” system.

Test version of SNK FORCE: Max Mode is available on Android via TapTap… This is a shareware project with microtransactions. There is no information about the version for iOS (according to TapTap).

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