SNK FORCE: Max Mode RPG Available in Selected Countries

Anime RPG SNK FORCE: Max Mode has appeared on Google Play in a number of countries. Now you can download the file and upgrade the group of heroes.

SNK FORCE: Max Mode is a mobile RPG game available on Android. Now it is undergoing a trial launch at least in Malaysia and Singapore. As planned, we should collect a squad of anime heroes and put them against the enemy team. Characters vary in level of rarity, plus they need to be pumped. They also have a connection to the elements and a breakdown into roles. Fights take place in auto mode, for winning and completing tasks, we get resources, experience and new heroes.

I am glad that a heroine with a rather open outfit was placed on the mission menu, although SNK FORCE: Max Mode has an age rating of 10+. To gain an advantage, you need to look at several indicators:

  • Squad placement on the battlefield
  • The elements of each hero
  • Overall strength level

Game Modes in SNK FORCE: Max Mode

The developers promise that gamers will take part in the plot, trials, tournaments and even visit the world of demons. Both PvE and PvP modes are available to choose from.

Google play (Singapore)Download APK

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