Soldiers in Project HAZARD Zombie FPS talk like Russian spies

Project HAZARD Zombie FPS is now available on Google Play. The game will offer fights in small locations against the dead.

Project HAZARD is a mobile shooter that was launched on Android; There is no version information for iOS. The game has DOOM 3 level graphics, especially reminiscent of those times bleached the bodies of soldiers, some of whom are clearly spying on the Americans, as they have a strong Russian accent. The project offers more than 20 unique levels, 30 types of enemies and weapon upgrades. In addition, you can shoot zombies to techno soundtracks.

Of course, Project HAZARD has already been hacked, so you can find a mod for gold and food on the Internet. This is studio Dive In’s first project, so it’s no surprise that enthusiasts have bypassed ads and in-app purchases reaching 6 699 rubles. According to the gameplay video and the description on Google Play, this game supports the controller. Well, if you once went through the zombie mode in Black Ops to the holes, then you will feel at ease, only there is no online mode.

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