Solving Mysterious Murders in Suspects: Mystery Mansion, Definitely a Clone Among Us

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If in Among Us space koloboks take on the task, and in Devil Amongst Us – exorcists, then in Suspects: Mystery Mansion we play as cartoon animals. The shark acts as a traitor here, which loves to subtly get rid of victims: throw a hairdryer into the bath, add poison to the drink, and so on. There are ten players in the room. The victims’ task is to complete tasks and discuss the alleged traitor in the voice chat. We should expect loud exclamations and a showdown.

The developers from the Wildlife studio (previously worked on the Tennis Clash) assure that the selection of players is fair. We are also promised new maps, tasks and “opportunities”. In the last update, they added a game mode. According to the testers, gamers are divided into two groups: under 15 and over 15. It may take a long time to look for partners due to low online.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion will be released on iOS and Android. It will be a shareware project with all the consequences. Demo available on Android via TapTap

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