Sonic Team Racing – How to Win a Race

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One of the most obvious facts about Team Sonic Racing, the iconic blue hedgehog racer that was released on May 21 across all major gaming platforms from PlayStation 4 through Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, as well as on personal computers, is that that this game (as well as earlier performances about the inhumanly fast hedgehog) belongs to a very large series of games with a long tradition. In addition, the production of a mustachioed Mario in the universe – games with a plumber dressed in a red jersey, is quite a lot, and among them, in addition to platformers, we can meet … racers!

The Sonic series – and it’s not just racing car games – has been undergoing huge changes since the first installment in 1991 (the great Sonic the Hedgehog). What makes Team Racing more than just a clone of similar games like games named Mario Kart? The secret lies in the emphasis on team play. In STR, you are on a team of three – for example, if you finish a race on the top podium but your companions fail to pass… the whole route can be considered a failure. It sounds strange, but during the game it turns out quite thoughtfully.

With this concept, the game is leaving solo glory in favor of increased attention to the community. We must focus not only on our place in the table, but also on our partners and their position – in this case, offering them help in the fight for higher deposits. Very quickly the key to success is communication and coordination between the individual members of each team.

It’s easy to blame a team for a teammate’s failure – it’s much harder to think about how to help your teammates on subsequent trips to achieve the success that is the golden cup. Below are six tips to get you started on your Sonic Team Racing adventure – whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Read and drive – and then win, nothing is easier.

1. Know your place in the team!

There are three types of cars in Sonic Team Racing that can crash with players – both during the single player campaign and online multiplayer. The first type of car introduced by Sonic himself is the “fast” type. Drivers of “fast” cars have the advantage of speed and swiftness – for this reason, their drift is overloaded. Another disadvantage may be a relatively weak defensive factor that allows aggressive players to push such a vehicle off the track.

"Szybki"czy "potężny" - który bolid wybierzesz?

The second type is “faired” – drivers driving these cars achieve lower top speeds but corner very well due to high driving related stats. In addition, their riders can look forward to the best acceleration out of all three car types. The third type was defined as “powerful” – it is not surprising that the drivers using such machines are strong and distinctive characters, as well as visually impressive. They begin to move very slowly and sluggishly, and besides, they do not have a maximum speed indicator. These shortcomings make up for the defense, thanks to which they can overcome various obstacles on the ground without losing speed.

So… who will you choose? If you are a novice player, then most likely the most reasonable choice would be to choose “improved”, because this is the most versatile type. He may not be the fastest, but he has other qualities as well – and is easiest to master at the very beginning of the fun of Sonic Team Racing.

Jedź prosto, jeśli prowadzisz - pomożesz tym swoim kompanom!

In addition, the choice of the type of car we control must be appropriate for the specific route we will be racing. Therefore, if the race is going on a map with a lot of turns, it is better to choose a car that is more accurate than fast. However, if we have to overcome an obstacle course, it would be wiser to choose one player from all in the “powerful” group.

2. Practice your skills in the single player campaign

There is no such thing as a “tutorial” in the game. Of course, it is possible to see the simplified tooltips that appear during the loading screens of certain levels, but without the proper context, this is more of a tooltip. If you’re dreaming of a multiplayer game, it’s best if you first test and develop your abilities in the story campaign. There are no ratings in the single player game, so you can try different combinations of drivers and upgrades to your cars. Such an exercise also allows you to check all the bonuses and explore the mechanics associated with cooperation between players.

Sonic Team Racing

3. Play and repeat ring challenges!

During the single player campaign, you can find the so-called “ring trials”, i.e. tasks in which you can get rings and stars – in addition, this is a great opportunity to practice your car driving skills, because each mission and their high level of difficulty can be not only a problem for the player, but also a good learning article.

The premise is relatively simple (at least on paper) – collect more rings until time runs out. Each raised hoop is a few extra points on the score. However, you need to drift to gain extra seconds, which proves to be quite difficult after a while. Often the rings are in a perfect line, and in order to collect them all, you will need to sweat on the controller, because it will be required, for example, to make the drift almost a perfect straight line. In addition, the high clock limit is unforgiving and unforgiving of any mistakes – if you miss even one of these long chains of rings, the chance of winning the most important medal is slim. Passing these stages (and even winning a silver medal) is great science, and mastering the skills of drifting will help you win in online games. So let’s spend some time perfecting this skill.

Sonic Team Racing

4. Throw the chips on the “Capsule Mod”

In the single player campaign, for each completed race, you earn a certain amount of special tokens, but it’s not immediately clear what to do with them and how to use them. The answer, however, turns out to be certainly simpler than testing the rings. Just go to the main menu of the game and open the special “Capsule Mod” tab – in which you can unlock additional improvements to the target vehicle (engine and other car parts) to improve your speed and performance. The whole mechanism resembles vending machines, from which, after tossing a coin and turning on a special mode, rubber flies out. In this case, instead of rubber, we get special random prizes that have a significant impact (also visual) on cars.

5. Watch how you drive when you drive first!

When you’re fighting for first place, you’ll surely notice that the most advanced member of your team leaves a yellow trail behind – it’s worth sticking with it for as long as possible, because this flow allows us to quickly accelerate when you pass the satellite.

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As a result, you become a “leader” in your team, which also means that you yourself begin to create a yellow trail. Remember then not to make sudden movements, turns and other dizzying maneuvers that would force your compatriots to follow yours. Avoid passing the course through terrain obstacles – when you ride first, think about the optimal route for the whole team, not the optimal one for yourself, because success … lies in cooperation and thinking about other players.

6. Always give things to your companions!

If you receive a power-up that is currently useless for you – for example, a rocket that you can shoot at the enemy is not very useful when you are in the first position – you should give it to your comrades as soon as possible using the key R.

Sonic Team Racing

There are several reasons why bonus sharing is an essential part of playing Sonic Team Racing. The first of these is the team balance – cars are divided into types, and each of them, thanks to the accumulated bonuses, can compensate for the negative qualities of their car. The typical “quick” will surely increase the protection of the car when the “powerful” dolly needs all kinds of boosters. Not to mention that thanks to the exchange of gadgets, we download a special level, after which we can activate a special, powerful afterburner that can completely change the course of the ongoing race.


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