Sony to release Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on PC, also focus on smartphones and the cloud

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Japan’s Sony held a presentation for investors; SEGA recently did the same (read here). So, the corporation is optimistic about the future of the PlayStation 5. And this is despite the fact that the owners of this console are big lucky ones with big pockets. Let’s see why Sony doesn’t hang its nose. The fact is that many PlayStation One gamers have not switched to other platforms (some are now 49-54 years old). Plus, the Japanese are promoting gaming among the female population: if in the first generation there were 18% of female gamers, then with the PlayStation 4 the figure increased to 41%. And the last reason is the increase in sales in Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Russia.

Sony now plans to redouble its focus on the Chinese market, expand PlayStation Studios, add cloud services, work with VR and generally interact with gamers outside the console. As for the new releases, PC gamers are lucky here: after the release of Days Gone, they will receive Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Mobile phones will also not stand aside: they will transfer games for large franchises (these are unlikely to be real ports, most likely runners and stuff like that). That is, the main goal of Sony is not only to develop their consoles, but also to go beyond them (hello Microsoft).

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