Soul of the Ultimate Nation Returns – Webzen Announces MMORPG SUN Classic

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Back in 2019, it became known about the relaunch of the MMORPG Soul of the Ultimate Nation, which was closed in 2013. There has been no news of this since then, but now Webzen has finally broken the silence by officially unveiling the SUN Classic.

The new version of the game will receive many changes – both visual and gameplay. The developers promise to “significantly improve” the graphics and effects, rework the combat system and pumping, and make improvements to the quality of life (QoL).

In addition, a so-called “regional activity system” will appear in SUN Classic, which allows you to receive additional rewards depending on the achievement of the goal, as well as competitive PVP content and free PK.

It’s worth noting that the original Soul of the Ultimate Nation is still open in South Korea, and after the release of SUN Classic, both versions will coexist together. The release date is still unknown.

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