Soul Tide – anime gacha about the world-saving puppeteers

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The Soul Tide game was released on smartphones. She talks about puppeteers who are trying to save the world. The developers promise elaborate characters and many random events.

Soul Tide is an anime-themed mobile game. The project is made in “live” 2D, in which we explore labyrinths and dungeons as puppeteers. This is necessary to save the world from witches. In total, players expect more than 100 random levels. At the same time, the creators managed to make the gameplay endless. The gameplay is a bit like Darkest Dungeon, that is, we move around the level and can randomly receive buffs / debuffs or collide with the enemy.

During battles, we can independently manage our waifu cards using separate abilities. Soul Tide is already available on iOS in China. At the time of this writing, the version for Android via TapTap not yet available. The project has already received high marks in the App Store, although it is F2P. There is no global release information.

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