SpellForce 3 Soul Harvest download torrent For PC

SpellForce 3 Soul Harvest download torrent

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SpellForce 3 Soul Harvest is a long-awaited addition that can cheer up all gamers, download the game via torrent, on our convenient website. In addition, here you can get acquainted with even more races. Three long years have passed since the events of the last bloody war, which were not enough to recover. The world that seemed familiar to you had to change. Now people have only hope that things can change for the better. But, as is often the case in the real world, that can take a completely different path. The previously quiet lands have been taken under control by a ruler who is waging his bloody battles. Along with this, there are problems with cults attacking ordinary people. You need to understand these and other equally important issues.

Game process

If we touch on the gameplay, then grandiose changes were not provided here, however, this does not mean that you will be bored here. On the contrary, you will be able to find something suitable for you. You will be able to plunge into a well-known strategy that allows you to feel like a part of this universe. Special attention should be paid to developing the skills of your new ward, because this can bring you a long-awaited victory over your rivals. All characters boast their own uniqueness, which allows them to stand out from the rest. However, innovations will still be presented. Some of the sectors will receive certain mechanics, mastering it should not cause you any difficulties, but positive emotions are provided to you. In any case, you can get an incomparable pleasure that will be imprinted in your memory for a long time. Another equally interesting aspect is the flying troops, which will allow you to try yourself in a completely new role. Download SpellForce 3 Soul Harvest via torrent if you don’t want to miss an interesting opportunity. The picture will allow you to spend even more time in this place, because it is pleasing to the eye. Do not be afraid and you can achieve tremendous success.

Structure of SpellForce 3 Soul Harvest

  • This work is an addition that does not depend on the main plot. In addition, the authors decided to adhere to high quality standards so that gamers would like their work.
  • Here you can immerse yourself in an incredibly dark story that many may like for its eccentricity. The passage will require you to have 20 hours of free time, which you can use to your advantage.
  • Each of the characters will be unique in its own way, you will see this almost immediately. You yourself will be able to create a suitable personality, and for this you will need to resort to a branched skill tree.
  • Speaking of mechanics, it has now been largely revamped, giving you the freedom to do whatever you want.
  • You will be able to defeat your opponents, because igrodely give you versatile abilities with them you are not afraid of trouble.
  • To achieve what you want, you can use air troops, thereby diversifying your tactical decisions.
  • In total, five different factions will be at your disposal. They consist of representatives of humanity, elves, strong orcs, squat gnomes, as well as elves.
  • Graphic and musical parameters are based on all modern parameters. Download SpellForce 3 Soul Harvest via torrent if you want to know more information.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 3570, AMD FX-6350
  • RAM: 6 GB RAM
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB, AMD Radeon 7850 2GB (DirectX: Version 11)
  • Sound card: DirectX compatible
  • Free hard disk space: 19 GB


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