Spider-Man: Miles Morales Guide – How to Find All Postcards

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At the conclusion of the main storyline in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the protagonist’s mother left a number of special clues in the form of postcards. This quest, in fact, is the final one in the game, and you can only reach 100% completion if it is completed.

Each postcard includes a small puzzle and a hint, so if you’re stuck at some point and need help, we’ve compiled everything you need in the guide below.

For those who don’t know, in Spider-Man: Miles Morales you play as the new Spider-Man in Harlem – Miles Morales, and not the already familiar Peter Parker. The new spider has the ability to become invisible, as well as to release electrical impulses at the enemy, which certainly adds zest to the combat system.

To start collecting postcards, you need to go through the main story. After completing the final mission, return to your house, which is marked on the game map, and get some sleep. When the character wakes up, the first card will be on his chest.

Each new postcard contains a hint where to find the next one. Travel to the desired area and find a specific location based on the clue.

  • Location #1: Natural History Museum – On the corner of the street, look for a statue with four figures holding a globe. At the feet of one of them lies a postcard.
  • Location #2: Empire State Building. Get to the observation deck at the top of the building, where there is a balcony with tourists. There are several binoculars there, one of which is broken – this is where the clue will lie.
  • Location #3: Museum of Modern Art – climb to the second floor, where you will find a huge snail. It has another postcard on it.
  • Location #4: Nightclub CODB – to the right of the main entrance, on the ventilation duct. Climb onto the lantern and pull the clue with the web.
  • Location #5: Lobster Bill’s – Head to a restaurant with a giant lobster sign. Climb on it and look at the tail – there lies the next clue.
  • Location #6: El Barrio – the card is located right at the gate, on the red mailbox.
  • Location №7: CJ Walker Park – There is a basketball court there, so check all the rings. Attached to one of them is the final clue.

Finding all the postcards will complete the quest and unlock the Urban Explorers trophy.

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