SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures is already available for download via TapTap on Android

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SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures is an arcade mobile game in which we have to help Patrick and Bob get all the characters back to their places. The thing is that because of these two friends, everyone was blown into parallel realities. We have to build Bikini Bottom and hire the rarest workers (gacha). Cartoon graphics, by all SpongeBob standards. The project is being produced by the publisher Kongregate in conjunction with Nickelodeon. This is an idle game where gamers need to set up production and periodically log in to pick up resources and buy new characters.

Gamers with TapTap celebrate the relaxed atmosphere and familiar art style. This requires an Internet connection. The main currency is fuel, which is needed to power Sandy’s time machine. The disadvantages are the lack of voice actors, interesting events and leaderboards. Nevertheless, the game weighs little and is suitable for relaxing on the ocean floor.

SpongeBob’s Idle Adventures Now Available On Android Via TapTap… There you can pre-register for iOS. You cannot download the game through Google Play, so most likely we are dealing with a trial run in Southeast Asia. This is a shareware project with ads and microtransactions up to 2,990 rubles per item

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