Square Enix will make an arcade Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi for smartphones, the global launch is worth waiting for

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During a stream to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Dragon Quest franchise, Japanese Square Enix announced one mobile game. This is Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi. The project is quite arcade: we will collect gems in the form of avatars of characters and monsters. And all this is done in the “three in a row” style. So far we have a trailer showing famous characters from the Dragon Quest series. We did it with orchestral music.

Square Enix markets Keshi Keshi as a puzzle game. By the way, we may see a cartoon drawing. This is because we collect in a row not the usual gems, but erasers. Even in the trailer, they “erase” the monsters, although it doesn’t look like it was a gameplay record. In addition, Square Enix has announced Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake for consoles, plus Dragon Quest X Offline.

As for the other Square Enix franchise, the PTA of the global version of Nier Re is currently underway.[in]carnation. Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi will be released on iOS and Android in 2021. It will happen in Japan, but there will also be a global release.

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