STALKER 2 download torrent For PC

STALKER 2 download torrent

For Stalker fans, the star of hope will always shine in the sky. Someday everyone will be able to play stalker 2 download on that website. The start of development was announced in 2010. But already in 2011 it was announced that the development was stopped. However, the developers did not say directly whether they would continue development or not. Therefore, hopes for the revival of work on this part of the game do not lose ground for existence.

Development and support of the game STALKER 2

In an online conference in 2009, the CEO of the company that developed the previous games in the series said that Stalker-2 would be developed unambiguously. In 2010, in an interview with Gameplay magazine, information about the unambiguity of development was confirmed. It was also said that the project would be, like the previous games, a trilogy. That is, Stalker-2 will have two addons. It was also planned to add a cooperative passage of the plot. And in 2010 it was officially announced the start of work on the game. The new part in the series was supposed to continue the story about the history of the Exclusion Zone. The engine has been replaced with a new cross-platform one. The old engine – X-Ray – is too outdated for the new game. Why was it decided to start developing a new part? Because copies of the previous parts of the game sold in the amount of four million, which clearly indicated that Stalker had many fans around the world.

The huge number of amateur modifications also clearly speaks about the love for this game. The level of detail in the game will be high. The time of action of game events will be 2015. In 2011, it became known which locations will be present in the new game. There will definitely be a Chernobyl nuclear power plant, directly Chernobyl and Chernobyl-2. In July 2011, the game was already half ready. The main character will be the Bullseye already familiar to the players. The plot will be connected with previous games. In addition, the world will be seamless and large. Motion capture technology was used to create the animation. This means that the animation of the movements of the characters in the game will be realistic.

Pause development

Suspicions about the termination of development appeared already in 2011, in December. The information has not been officially released. Although many employees confirmed the fears of the players. Making the situation even more controversial and incomprehensible, concept art of the game got into the network on the same day. The developers promised to give official statements on December 12 of that year. But in the end, nothing became clear. Soon, the game’s scriptwriter, writer Andrey Levitsky, and the marketing director reported that development was ongoing, but investors were needed. In late January 2012, new concept art from the game’s concept artist was released. But already on April 1, it became known about the freezing of the project. A couple of days later, a video appeared on the network that showed the animation of the characters in the game – mutants, stalkers. On April 25, GSC Games World closed and announced the end of the development of the second Stalker. At the same time, a new company was formed – Vostok Games – and their new project Survarium in the MMOFPS genre. In December 2014, GSC Games World revived, and work on Stalker revived along with them.

The further fate of STALKER 2

As the game’s PR manager explained, the reason for the project’s closure was “a combination of problems”. These include financial difficulties, and the CEO’s dissatisfaction with the quality of the game. The company did not have enough people with a narrow specialty to make the game the way they wanted. What had already been created did not live up to the quality bar that the developers set for themselves. They realized that they needed too much time to create a game. During this time, she would have had time to become obsolete even before the release. But many did not want to leave the project. Therefore, the development was either suspended or continued. The developers were looking for ways to solve problems. The game was already 70 percent complete. The engine was created completely new. There were several rumors about the transfer of rights to the brand to third parties. However, these rumors were denied on the official website. Nothing is known about the development of the game at this time. Hope one day we can all play stalker 2 download torrent.


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