STALKER: Lost Alpha download torrent For PC

Stalker Lost Alpha download torrent For PC STALKER: Lost Alpha download torrent For PC

STALKER: Lost Alpha download torrent

Size: 7.58 GB | Seeds: 486 Lychees: 37

STALKER: Lost Alpha torrent download one of the top custom add-ons ever released to the original game. This is an exciting modification that has changed the original to the maximum, making it incredibly exciting and diverse. Play everyone’s favorite action shooter as you survive in the fictional world of Chernobyl, fighting and destroying various enemies.

Story line

Events unfold during the time of the original Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl. You play as a traveler who has lost his memory and is in search of it. The main character will have to survive in the gloomy and foggy Exclusion Zone, which contains a huge number of monsters and militants. And they all want to destroy you, as well as you yourself. Only you have one more task for the whole game – to find out everything about yourself and find out the story of your own life. Features and key points were transferred from the original to the modification, so the game looks holistic in this regard. The storyline may be familiar to fans of the series because many plot elements have been carried over from the original. But, the game still looks interesting and elegant in a new way. You will get a completely unique experience from the passage of a custom modification, only partly reminiscent of the original game. In addition to many story quests, a lot of additional tasks have been added to the game. Complete them and develop the main character to the maximum in order to adequately resist all powerful opponents. Locations have grown to immense proportions, which is good news. This applies to all original territories, but we must not forget that the developers have added a lot of auxiliary maps here. The main character appears on his native and familiar Cordon, on the territory of which all the main quests are located. As for vehicles, a lot of cars and motorcycles have been added here. Now the player can complete missions much faster. But we recall that in the original part, all transport was cut out. Download the STALKER: Lost Alpha torrent and go through the game that you will definitely like.

Game process

We figured out the plot twists and turns, it remains to talk about the gameplay. It is quite high-quality, modern here, especially if we take into account the patches released for the modification itself. From version to version, the game improved and became better and better. In addition to the storyline and additional mini-quests, there is nothing more to do in the game. And that’s the only problem with Lost Alpha. And this despite the fact that freeplay is present here. You can just wander around the Zone and explore new territories, mindlessly fighting monsters and militants. But this will get boring quickly. Although, complete freedom of action is really present and this is good news. Also, there are some elements of the sandbox. The crafting system is well-coordinated, you can create any items and then use them by the main character. Open locations and vast territories often lead the player astray. Especially if the quest is located thousands of kilometers from your location. And this is when using vehicles.

Features of STALKER: Lost Alpha

  • custom modification;
  • redrawn storyline;
  • use of elements of the original;
  • quality gameplay;
  • improved graphics;
  • complete freedom of action, open world;
  • auxiliary quests;
  • extended locations;
  • crafting sandbox.

Download the STALKER: Lost Alpha torrent and complete the game in one breath.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows Vista /Windows 7 /Windows 8 /Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo 2.4 GHz static / intel core i3 speaker
  • RAM: 2-4 GB static / 6-8 GB dynamic
  • Video Card: 1 GB static / 2 GB dynamic / nVIDIA® GeForce™ / ATI Radeon®
  • Sound Card: DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound device
  • Free hard disk space: 21 GB


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