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Star Wars: Hunters reminds Battlefront at minimum salaries

Star Wars: Hunters featured at Apple’s annual launch event, plus Zynga released a CGI trailer. And although Hunters resembles a mini-version of Star Wars: Battlefront, this did not save the project from transferring.

Star Wars: Hunters is a mobile game from Zynga. In it, players fight in a small Arena, dividing into light and dark sides. Yesterday, September 14th, the publisher shared a small trailer, it’s a pity only without the gameplay. But we saw a few frames at the Apple presentation. From them we can conclude that we will get a sort of stripped-down version of Battlefront.

For now, we know that Hunters will unfold between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. From the characters, both ordinary soldiers (droids and clones) and Jedi, mercenaries and Sith will be available. Pre-registration for Star Wars: Hunters is now open via official site… If you are creating content, then you can apply accordingly.

Star Wars Hunters reminds Battlefront at minimum salaries Star Wars: Hunters reminds Battlefront at minimum salaries

As for the release date, Star Wars: Hunters has been pushed back to 2022. It is not yet clear what this is related to, but the game will be released next year on smartphones and the Nintendo Switch.

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